Thursday, May 26, 2016

When You Realize You Only Live Once and You Book Uncle Bucks For the @CWPFairfield Summer Kick-Off. Not Fishy At All

Caryn, my program manager, recently attended a birthday party with her son, Kyle, and came into the office stating, "We so should do an event at Bass Pro Shop." The mega-store opened on the wharf in downtown Bridgeport and I've yet to step inside, until yesterday.

The Trophy Room is booked!

Carol said the crowd during the week is really light, so she was willing to cut us a great deal. We have the executive suite next to the bar and in between the eight lanes for bowling. As artwork, portraits of Ernest Hemingway hang on wooden panels and everything is brand new.

I figured, "Where else is there a better location to begin telling some fish tales?"

Something tells me it is a location that will be used for entertainment for Crandall events quite often. The Trophy Room even has a swank pull table and they're catering us with flatbread pizza. Who'd of thunk that the fishing lure store with speed boats and taxidermy animals would also offer a unique setting for next week's gathering of teachers and writers? Not this guy, but I walked in to the space and said, "Book it!"

I'm looking forward to the quirkiness of it all.

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