Friday, May 13, 2016

I Went To The Dentist and Got My Sticker. Then I Hit the Road In Preparation of a Special Graduation and Family Time.

I would have left sooner for Syracuse, but I had a dental cleaning that was scheduled, rescheduled, then rescheduled again. The teeth needed to be shined.

And then I drove. It is always a reflective time to travel to and from the home front, contemplating on where it all began and how much changes every time I return. Without a co-pilot, I drove straight through with no need to stop (the bonus for not drinking too much before leaving).

Made it in time for Scandal. They should have ended with Olivia's father holding a gun to Jake's head. That would have hooked me for sure for next season. I'm still hooked, but that would have been even better.

Also am prepping for the rain. Imagine being in Syracuse and a 3-day forecast of rain. Surprise Surprise. It's all good though because it's time with the insanity: arguments, aggravations, trying to coordinate visits, and making the best of the short time I'm in the area.

And no cavities. That is such an unusual story for my mouth, but not cavities this time - I am safe until November.


  1. I have been going to my dentist Hermosa Beach for cleanings, x-rays and preventive maintenance for over 5 years and he's the best! I follow his hygiene advice and have no problems at all.

  2. That sticker looks awesome on you. I wish that my dentist would still give me the chance to go through the box and pick out a little toy or sticker. I think growing up that was my favorite part about going to the dentist. Spending an hour in pain in the chair for the chance to rummage through that box and score some cool stuff.