Saturday, May 14, 2016

After A Thursday Night With a Restless Dog, Friday Night Brought Forth a Different Canine #Thankful

Arriving to Syracuse on Thursday night where the dog slept the entire ride, I didn't anticipate that she'd be up all night driving me nuts. It was rather warm in my parents' house and she panted as if she just ran a marathon. In my house, she has her own cage and I don't allow her in my room. With Butch and Sue, she hops about from bed to bed, which she did last night, driving the three of us nuts.

She wouldn't settle. She sat on my chest and licked my face. When I dragged her off she moved to my feet. When I kicked her off she wined to go out. When I let her out, she came inside and barked. No matter where I went: couch, my sister's old room, and even my father's man-cave, she was a nuisance. The result was I didn't sleep at all.

Fast forward to Friday - Mike brought Bella over at 10:30 a.m. and the two of them proceeded to play for the next 8 hours. They ran, chased the hose when we opened the pool, played tug-o-war, sprinted, wrestled, and fetched balls together. They didn't stop, and when we went to lunch and Mike brought them to his house, they continued. When I went to pick her up at night she was ready to get in my car. This is the scene after she returned home. She moved only briefly to go from the couch to the bed I brought for her from Kentucky. It is a thankful scene after last night's chaos.

And speaking of chaos, I'm off. It's a day of graduations and road trips. It will be a very, very long day.

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