Thursday, May 12, 2016

And Then There Is That Day When You Stop Everything, Spend a Home Depot Garden and Get Your Hand In Dirt

I got dirty yesterday. I was the joke.

After a day of doing PD for Cesar Batalla on writing in the 3rd-5th grade classroom (definitely not enough time to do all I planned), I stopped by Home Depot and got mulch, more perennials, and a few annuals to work on the yard.

When I got home, Chitunga was already moving rocks from the back lawn and framing a few gardens (just like I requested, but I didn't know he was going to begin without me).

It already looks good. I think he has my dad's sensibility for lawn care because I hear everyday about which lawn is better than ours. He even made me look out his window at our neighbors landscape to say, "We got to beat that."

Bring it on.

I mowed, I dug, I planted, I mulched, I moved items, and I got all muddy. It felt great (and the grading waited, the grants waited, the writing waited, the emails waited, and the reading waited). I commenced with Maude (as my Grannie Annie taught me) and it was an afternoon/evening of unwinding.

I love when the seasons turn. Everything now is in bloom...

including my allergies...

Achoo. God Bless me.

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