Saturday, May 7, 2016

Technically Its Derby Day, but Yesterday Was My Twin's Birthday @pamelaMarieKell, So The Party Is All About Her

Since leaving Kentucky, it's been my tradition to host a Derby party, simply as a day to enjoy spring and to have an excuse (a much needed excuse) to relax for a little while. Last year, my Derby party - it was pointed out to be - is actually the day after Pamela Kelly's birthday AND the day before mother's day. So, this year, rather than having a Derby party, I am opening my house to friends to have a mint julep before we go out to celebrate Pam's existence on earth.

It's a good existence to celebrate: laughter, love, joy, humor, spontaneity, wisdom, family, foolishness, faith, and togetherness - all qualities that Pam exemplifies to all who know her.

And I've set a goal of finishing one class's papers so I can actually relax when I open my house for the race and a few rounds of birthday songs. I'm also excited about this transition, so I don't have to cook, but there will be a restaurant to find as soon as the two-minute horse race is complete.

Aw, shucks. I hope there's enough people that come with her so that we can throw in cash for the race and actually have a winner. I'll have to work on that, as the crowd will be the loyal, good-times folk that have become a foundation of support for me in Connecticut.

Let there be sun. We have not experienced enough sun in the last week and I'm ready to sit out back before the trumpets sound.

Happy Birthday, Pam - one day late. You are my twin sister separated at birth and a few years older who brings about sanity in an insane world, simply because you're willing to act goofy and be dorky like me. Music. Dance. Sharing strategies for this life thing. And hope.

I love to believe in hope.

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