Friday, May 27, 2016

On a Good Note - I Look Like a @cocoandbreezy Fashion Statement. On a More Real Note, It's FRIED-DAY and I'm cooked.

I stopped by my office in the late afternoon yesterday and realized I had two pairs of sunglasses on my head. This means that I presented at the Center for Academic Excellence with both shades atop my head. Not a single attendee seemed to notice that I had not one, but a duo set of lenses upon my noggin. I am chalking this up to the end-of-the-semester exhaustion everyone in attendance must have been feeling.

We spent 15 weeks running University responsibilities, and still found time to attend a conference at Fairfield University with anticipation of improving and tuning pedagogical practices. I haven't been this wiped since teaching in Louisville and running proms, award ceremonies, culminating projects, grading and portfolios. The work is never-ending (and although I love every second of it, it truly is a process that takes every ounce of energy an individual can muster).

Ah, but today is Friday. I recognize the weather has changed and others seem to be negotiating a summer mode of action. I'm not so lucky, but I do see a window of opportunity to recollect what it is I'm doing, where I'm heading, and what's in store for the summer.

I loved Coco and Breezy's Third Eye sunglasses
This audience didn't seem to notice that there was something
unusual upon my head.
for Prince, and I guess I'm channeling them in this mishap confusion of having four eyes during a day of action and support of teaching and learning. I'm also looking at this as a sign that I need a day to myself to unwind after a challenging (yet rewarding) semester.

And with this post, I am shouting out to amazing artists who are changing the world with eyeglass creativity. I'm not a musical hunk or as powerful as others who don their amazing craft, but I can channel their influence with humor.

Here's to them and to the month of June which is right around the corner.

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