Monday, May 9, 2016

I Am Allowed To Hate Mondays, Only Because I Allowed Saturday and Sunday To Offer Me Distracting Alternatives

I messed up. That is, I messed up because I didn't work 16 hours of my days while away, but only 12. Therefore I experienced 4 hours of relaxation and chill-time, which equated to fun, which can be associated with the fact that I didn't accomplish all the grading that had to be done.

This, of course, equals to Monday guilt and a panic that I am not going to get to everything I need to accomplish today.

Therefore, "Look at the bright side...At least Mondays only happen once a week!" My flaw was I tasted a slight bit of normalcy through a few hours of relaxation. In other words, I let myself chill-out with slight down time, which included finally seeing the last Mockingjay movie on-demand, hosting a Derby party, and then doing a quick dinner at Pam's, where Chitunga decided he wanted to stay more hours than I anticipated.

So, I had to throw in the towel.

And I need to grade. Boy, do I need to grade. I also must put together two massive presentations and to organize numerous items for the summer.

But it's Monday and I'm in panic mode. This, too, shall pass. I simply need to get through the day and I have coffee. Coffee is a survival technique.


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