Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Think I Won With Grading, But I Definitely Lost With Horses (Although I Came in Second). #MoreMintJulepsPlease

Leo didn't win either, but he did come in his purple shirt and he wore his purple wrestling mask as we sipped on happy hour cocktails awaiting the Kentucky Derby to run fro the roses. As usual, it was a lot of hype for a fast race, and it's never as much fun as when you have the winning horse, which no one but Derrick and Kaitlyn had. They got the pot.

We simply had the drinks.

And it rained. It rained all day, and even when it finally subsided and I wiped down all the outside furniture, it decided it wanted to rain even more. It needed to be an indoor party, which it was, with gifts for Pammy and a dog who was overwhelmed by the crowd of people. Next year I should charge admission, so that if my horse doesn't win, I still come out a winner in the end.

I have to give a special shout-out to Sharon, though, because she had the foresight to make the syrup for the Juleps. I forgot, and didn't really want them anyway, but they ended up being a huge hit, even though my bourbon supply was drained.

So, it wasn't bad for a spur-of-the-moment, intimate birthday party for Pam with just a couple of people and I'm sort of glad I didn't open up the house to the masses like last year (with all the rain, it would have become real ugly fast).

Yep. Another Derby is over. Fastest 2 minutes of the year, with another 365 days to go.

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