Tuesday, May 3, 2016

National Teacher Appreciation Week - A Wonderful Surprise of Blooming Gold from a Young Philosopher/Student

I was knee-deep in paperwork when a student from this semester stopped by with a pot of marigolds she brought me to thank me for being her teacher. The flowers reminded me of my mom's garden out front on Amalfi Drive, and how she and my father planted them every spring to landscape our house. I was honored to get a random act of kindness and to have an otherwise dreary day brightened.

So often, we do what we do in the routine of the profession that we forget how closely our students are paying attention. Being a student is often a powerless, exhausting process, where the hard work doesn't seem to have immediate meaning and where the labor is simply nerve-wracking and frustrating. This is why a plant of appreciation is so unexpected...and so very thoughtful.

I told the student, Mindy, that I would definitely transplant the marigolds into my garden when I actually have a few seconds to spend on my own landscaping. Her deed made me think about all the educators, including those in CWP-Fairfield's network, that are very deserving of such kindness, too. I need to get on my game!

In a 14 hour day of meetings, reports, files, grading, and worrying, a small act of kindness enlightens me to pay it forward somehow. Tuesday will be as bad as Monday, but I am thinking Wednesday has amazing promise to share the love with others (somehow, somewhere, with some sort of nicety).

In the meantime, I'm cherishing this golden gesture and ready to be a good man for another day.

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