Saturday, May 21, 2016

Getting Into a Cadence To Kick Off a Rainy Graduation Weekend, I Present Emcee J.C. and His Beatbox Debut

This gem was sent by my little sister, Casey, and features Jacob Charles and his (nobody knew) beatboxing skills (can't wait to see Abu and Lossine syncopate with him while dancing in the kitchen). I had to post his rhythm here, because I wanted a location where I knew I could find it in later years! (sorry for the video delay - had a YouTube/IMovie/Iphone glitch).

It's Saturday morning and I'm unwinding from a frantic, hectic, and dare I say par-for-the-course week. I got the laundry done, went out with Sydney and Jennifer Johnson, Chitunga and his high school counselor, Ellen Rosoff, and his friend Gino, who has recently passed his first phase of funeral director licensing (an interesting entourage to celebrate the week that just was with rather fascinating conversation - I continue to amaze myself with how I recreate Brown School communities in my personal life).

I am taking JC's musical talents with me this weekend, however, to offer a cadence for writing and in preparation for Sunday's commencement, a book chapter, and a conference on deck.

Here's to the music of the universe and the unpredictability of it all.

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