Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Ritual For The Dog Is To Pick Up Something On Our Walks and To Carry It Home Proudly. Um. Okay. This Happened.

Glamis loves to walk. I admit, I love walking with her and it has become my favorite 45-minute ritual of the day. I was telling my older sister, Cynde, that she in the last lap of our walk, she always grabs something to carry home with her. Usually it is a stick, or sometimes a water bottle. She's even brought home tennis and soccer balls.

Yesterday, when I looked down to see what she grabbed as we lapped the last street before heading home, I saw she had something purple in her mouth hanging like it was a cigar. "What'd you get," I asked her in my teasing way, "You found something purple. That's new."

It was new. She managed to scrounge up a purple tampon applicator. I said, "Now that is something for the streets of Stratford." I wondered if all the cars passing by were laughing. I could hear them saying, "Honey, I think that dog is carrying a Tampon in her mouth. Is that a Tampon?"

If I could, I would have confirmed their speculation. "Yup."

I let her carry it to our house and then dispensed it in the garbage. She is mighty proud of the bounty she brings to Mt. Pleasant and I like to think that we're doing our part for the environment, too.

I also channeled writer Douglas Coupland who coined the phrase tamponic in relation to whenever a male finds himself in a female-oriented conversation where he is unsure how he is supposed to respond. I knew I had a tamponic moment on yesterday's walk. It's all good. Someone else didn't need it and Glamis rid the earth of another plastic apparatus that was disposed in the wrong location.

And with that, back to grading.

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