Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jeepers @pamelaMarieKell, The Next Time I Walk With You I'm Wearing a Chewbacca Mask. It's All Good.

Fashion Police Arrested her at 1:23 p.m.
Bail was set at $75. Chitunga saved her because
he's a tremendous flirt.
Ritually, I tend to do a lunch walk with my administrative assistant, Caryn, around Fairfield University's campus. Pam - my twin separated by birth, but a few years (cough cough) older - tends to walk with her friend Bev. Occasionally our paths cross, and sometimes we jump ship, and that is exactly what happened yesterday.

Bev was out and Caryn was sick. At 1 p.m. when Pam asked if I wanted to walk, I said sure. I had been sitting at my desk all morning. Then she looked down at her pants and said, "They're going to get dirty. They're too long. And they're white." I said, "Put on your sneakers. This is an office, there must be clips somewhere."

She found them. Then I said she looked like she was going to sweep the sidewalk outside a dog grooming parlor or nail salon. She didn't care. She just wanted to walk.

And we did. It's beautiful to stop in the middle of the day for exercise, because it releases adrenalin to kick-start the afternoon drag - I wanted to nap all day, Monday, and I could never really get the sleep out of my eyes.

Funny, when I look at this photo now, it seems as if it is two people facing each other. It reminds me of Casey's congenital hip when she was a toddler and had to walk with a pillow between her legs. I have to admit, though, Pam kept a good pace and never once complained that the clips were banging into her calfs or shins.

Seriously, Fairfield's campus is ridiculously beautiful this time of year.

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