Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Grade In For 48 Hours and I'm Already Thinking To What Comes Next - CWP's Busy Season. #Breathe

I took a breath and celebrated yesterday that I actually saw the end (fireworks/celebrations/even a few games of Pitch). Then I started thinking about what's coming: Invitational Summer Institute and Young Adult Literacy Labs and I went into panic mode. I used my white board to begin listing what needs to be accomplished in the next few weeks.

Last year, 9 teachers attended, 17 teachers were hired, and 158 young people participated.

This year, I have 16 teachers attending and we are still counting youth, but it is looking like it will be near or above last year. It's like running a school, but I have to find all the funding myself to pay for the teachers I hired (and we publish the work of the students who come to us). We went to online payments (credit cards) this year and that has already shown tremendous growth. I love getting daily reports of who signed up for what!

I laugh, too, because this side business of summer work is keeping CWP alive, but isn't necessary the work of the University. My focus this month is to write about the work, so my scholarship meets the redesign of what is a growing opportunity for teachers and students in Southern Connecticut.

My good news from yesterday? I came home from work, ran, and then reviewed a few articles. When I went to offer feedback online, the site was down for maintenance, so it freed up a few hours to read for pleasure. I also cut out coupons for BJs and went with Chitunga to do shoe purchases (successfully, too).

He was out of the house by 7 a.m. - fascinating change in the Mt. Pleasant routine.

Oh, and the photo above cracked me up, because Caryn (my program manager) asked me what we needed to work on next. I took a picture of my whiteboard and emailed it to her. She printed it out and it was on her desk so she has a check-off list. Novel, indeed.

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