Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Generation of Garage Festivities on Amalfi Drive...CNY Picnic Style When a T-Storm Passes Through

I missed the ol' garage gathering at my parent's home yesterday, as everyone gathered to hang out by the pool. Cynde sent me this photo of Jacob and Sean acting cool in their patriotic specs (and I also noticed the J.C. has on a cool pineapple t-shirt),

There are photographs aplenty of Casey and me, Cynde and me, and Casey and Cynde, doing the same. When it stormed, we congregated in the garage and watched it pass through. It's wonderful to see that tradition is continuing.

Tunga and I spent the day competing in a corn row tournament in Monroe, but also played Polish Horseshoes and Ladder Ball. Patrick and I dominated at Polish Horseshoes - I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but no-one beat us.

Nick, Patrick's cousin, also brought a great bottle of bourbon with him, and I'm glad he did at 3, because then I could stop by 3:30 so I could drive home at 10:30. Ah, these 3 day weekends are a total blast.

I got up at 7, hit Home Depot, landscaped the yard some more, planted more grass seed, went for a run, did laundry, and still had a good time being carefree by the afternoon.

Today, they're calling for 100% rain, so I know I have 12 hours of catching up on writing and work I put off yesterday. I'm actually looking forward to it. I got too much sun these last couple of days and feel somewhat like a lobster.

And allergies. Ugh. We need rain to kick this pollen out of the air.

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