Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nope, Not the 4th of July Quite Yet, But We Can Play Corn Hole As If It is a Holiday, Can't We?

I always know when I'm spent, because it's easy for me to say #$@# it, and to make an excuse to hold a beer in one hand and a beanbag in the other. Pam and I found American Flag corn hole sets, and I bought one for Mt. Pleasant and she picked up one for Patrick in Monroe. My Saturday of grocery shopping, writing, landscaping, laundry, walking the dog, and cleaning, quickly was highlighted by the fact that at 5 pm, I said I was done and I'd be willing to play corn hole...which I did.

Nope, it's not necessarily the most productive way to spend an evening, but it is a very necessary one. Funnier was the fact that I made guacamole to bring and that is what Pam made to offer. So, we only had guac and beer. It sufficed.

I must admit, though, that I hate Patrick and Dan who have, for the last five years, monopolized the game. They never lose. They are like marksmen who hit the hole every time and it's insane. I do my part (like I do with horseshoes), but they cannot be competed against. They're ridiculous.

Ah, but that was Saturday and today is Sunday. I must head to campus for the undergraduate and graduate students' commencement. It's sort of become the prom for me...I look at my watch and calendar and think, "Really, again?" Ah, but I realize how special it is for those who just went through the process. I remember how awesome it was for me to be in the Carrier Dome for my own (having skipped out on all ceremonies for my Masters degrees).

Just let the rain subside, please.

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