Thursday, December 22, 2016

We'll Be Home For Christmas, You Can Count On Us

I'm not sure if I've ever been more ready for a break and short trip away from the grind. I am simply fried. Last night, we power cleaned the house (always love to come home to a ready to move-in home), wrapped and put together the gifts, and got them closer for the departure. They are now under the tree ready to be packed.

We walked small gifts over to all the neighbors (blueberry cobbler and vanilla bean gelato) and drove up to Monroe to watch the UK/UL game (Go Cards! What a game....two powerhouses there - the defense of both teams is incredible). We also tired Glamis out.

Yesterday morning was spent finishing up grading, wrapping up meetings, and aligning all the projects that need to be dealt with on the 28th, when we return.

And so, we finished out the week looking at the lights, anticipating the gifts, ready for the chaos, and anxious to be in holiday mode.

By the time you read this, chances are we will be packing to be on the road. Chitunga got the day off and we decided to get up (naturally) and head out soon after. I've downloaded my radio programs, put together a laundry basket of possible clothes to wear, and will try to fit everything in the Hulk. This is the first of two trips to Syracuse this winter - the next one will be to move Chitunga into his dorm.

Ah, but this just in! Edem got a job in Connecticut that begins January 12th, so he'll be moving down to live on Mt. Pleasant. Never a dull moment.

And I heard from the Amagansett 'lives. They're already in for Thanksgiving, 2017. They made their reservation through the mail.

Over the river, and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go!

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