Thursday, December 15, 2016

So, Why Do You Assign So Much, Then? Huh.

I vowed not to leave my house yesterday, but I did. I walked the dog, picked up orange juice at the grocery, and put my 30% Kohl's coupon to work. I promised I would sleep all day.

I didn't. Rather, I began grading and grading, and grading, simply to get caught up for the big projects that are starting to trickle in. I was grading all the work I hadn't gotten to you.

I did achieve a low-maintenance day and I no longer have tissues in the house. I'm almost ready for end-of-the-semester work to pile upon me where I'll be grading, and grading, and grading.

To distract myself, I looked up what I could possible do with student work I didn't feel like creating. I sort of liked the paper skeleton suggestions.

I didn't do it, though. Instead, I graded.

Whenever I complained as a high school teacher about grading, the kids always retorted, "You don't have to assign us so much work, you know." That's true. And I'm lucky, because I appreciate reading the work of students about 99.5% of the time. It's the .5% that gets me.

And the eye crossing is severe, too. I know exactly when it's time to stop looking at student writing because nothing they write makes any sense. Usually this means it is time for wine, but since I'm sick I've been dousing myself with orange juice, so that has been my go-to distraction.

Fingers crossed I'm pushing the phlegm-demons out of me. I really did sit still (for the most part) for an entire day.

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