Thursday, December 29, 2016

Good-Bye Central New York. Our Time Together is Always Too Short

We managed a North Syracuse Clam Bar experience before we headed out to Connecticut....the day before we departed. So great, as always, to see the hanging fish and wildlife at our favorite eating joint before having to return to the hustle and bustle of our lives in the Nutmeg State. Of course, Chitunga only has three more weeks of work with SP+ and then he heads to LeMoyne College in Syracuse, and then I'll be down by the Long Island Sound with Glamis the Wonder Dog, and everyone else will be in the CNY Area. That is the way life wonderfully goes.

The drive home yesterday was quick, until we hit Danbury and then it was dead traffic (imagine that). We got off at a Brookfield exit and it was still slow traffic. Nothing was moving, but we eventually got to our Stratford location.

Tonga immediately went to tackle his room and I decided to pull a Cynde and put all the holiday items away. I left the lights, though. I want the autistic pleasure of seeing the glimmer for a few more days, especially as I head back to work mode.

Glamis has decided that all she wants to do is sleep. We went for a long walk where she approached every passing by dog as if it was Max, Bella, and Dixie. Then she slept some more. We semi-stocked up on groceries, but my mind was on one more night of relaxation with a Louisville game (as difficult as it was to watch).

Any snow that was here when we left is no longer evident. It's green and dry here, unlike the Syracuse we departed with a slight hint of lake-effect snow.

And so, I depart this post with a shout-out to how great my parents (and Chitunga) looked while ordering at the Clam Bar.

Onward, I go.

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