Monday, December 26, 2016

Sarcasm, Superheroes, Football, and Bro-in-Law Mike

It is a ritual to bring a finale to the Christmas hoopla by stopping by Cynde and Mike's a allowing them (without little resistance) to watch a movie with them. This year, Chitunga and I sat down to watch Deadpool and, well, I have to admit Mike never ceases to amaze me.

RIP - George Michael. You provided most of the soundtrack, and I guess that was appropriate for the evening's movie. Dead at 53. Geez!

I didn't know what the film was about, nor that it would be as violent as it was, but the wit and stupidity of the counter villain (with a streak of mischief in his action) was in the tradition of unwinding one last time before the stress of the real world, the post-holiday life, bears its ugly head once more.

Ah, the heart. Christmas Day was once again a heart-filled event: breakfast at Casey and Dave's, reuniting with the twins, playing with the nephews, and heating up leftovers on Pinegrove in the evening to follow-up with a movie where the Isgars fall asleep, and I am simply entertained.

Dogs are pooped. Folks are pooped. Everyone is pooped.

Yep, it was the holidays and I'm very thankful that the CNY tradition continues (man, it's the 44th year and I'd have it no other way).

Now it's Monday and we'll see how to spend the last couple of days. Such a blessing to have time with the family.

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