Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Bad. Not Appropriate, But I Am Still Laughing

This is classic Crandall, right here.

I spent a part of yesterday sending out video Christmas cards to my niece and nephews from Santa Clause (a tradition for the holidays). In short, these videos are from Santa highlighting whether they've been good or bad, and in celebration for the possibility they will get the gift of their wildest dreams this year.

My niece has been texting me (well, all of us) in regard to possibly hosting an ugly sweater Holiday celebration this year, so when it came time to upload a photograph of what she might deserve this year, I thought, "Hmm, I should upload a photograph of an ugly sweater." I Google searched and quickly found a Rudolph one, saved it, and uploaded it to the video.

It wasn't until after I sent the video to her and watched it again that I realized that Rudolph's face was not skin-colored knitting, but was actually flesh. His red nose was....well...a nipples (and yes, I know this isn't a word). Well, I cracked up. I mean, I started giggling to the point of tears...Not only was it hilarious that I didn't notice the gaudy sweater was open-chested  (I thought it was simply tan thread), but once I realized my mistake, I began to crack up even more. Although inappropriate, I thought, "Well, wasn't this clever. Who'd actually wear it."

Of course, knowing I sent it without realizing what it actually was (or why such a sweater would even exist on the internet in the first place), made me laugh even harder. I saved the .jpeg to my desktop and every time I worked on my computer today, I simply started laughing at my error. I'm such a schmuck and can't help but share the story here. It truly does crack me up and, if you're not too offended, I hope it brings a smile to your face, too.

I mean, the nose was a fuzzy, red pom pom. I just didn't realize it was taped on.

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