Friday, December 16, 2016

And I Will Grade, As Soon As I Am Done Editing

And classes are done. And the faculty search is done. And I only have one more Faculty Salary Committee meeting. And I am breathing again. And my students are turning in their work.

And, suddenly, all these pieces are coming back to me to be edited.

Seriously, in one day four pieces I've sent out for publication were returned with acceptance (minor revision), acceptance (major revision), acceptance (but can you do this) and maybe (but we need you to do us a favor).

I will be spending my Friday morning in editing mode, which will be good preparation for the grading of undergraduate work that must follow. I guess it is good that I am no longer snotting on everything I come across. I need to have my brain screwed on correctly, as this is important work (and I'm breathing in and breathing out that I actually survived this semester - man, it was hard).

I have to admit, too, that it is super easy to revise and assist another's writing, but for one's own writing it is much trickier. But I got this. I need to have this.

Because I'm no longer blowing my nose, nor do I need 12 hours of sleep to counter the exhaustion. Back too the academic life, I guess.

And he's off.

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