Friday, December 23, 2016

Before The Eve, A Family Script (Need More Be Said?

So, Our The Days of Our Lives
(a real-life texted script)

(In Stratford, while Chitunga is upstairs getting his clothes packed, Bryan is downstairs in his living room sipping coffee and looking at his tree before heading out town. Suddenly, his phone buzzes)

Mom: Was just going to message you to see what the plan was, but decided to check the blog first and that answered my question.  Your father has a 2:45 doctor's appt.  dinner here, or are you going to Manlius?

Bryan Ripley Crandall: Amalfi Drive tonight...everything else we will plan once there

Kc: Safe travels. Boys are hoping you stay over Friday night

Mike: no he's staying over are house on friday 😂 haha

Kc: If that's what you want

Mike: no you have him friday haha i'm such a ass but i don't care haha

Kc: Why we love you Mike. No no you said you wanted them

Nikki: You all could visit me as I space myself at the mall. I'll be there 2-11:30

Mike: maybe i'll stop in on you. Nikki I walk by and waved to you

Nikki: I didn't see you 

Dave: Maybe one of you knuckleheads will come visit me at work tonight... (by the way, Chitunga read the texts and this is the one that caught his attention. Hey, I want to visit Dave at work.

Kc: Bring you a growler

Dave: Sweet!🍻🍻

Mike: sorry Dave can't do it Giants are playing tonight

Dave: Always an excuse

Kc: At least I'll take care of you

Nikki: No one takes care of me 

Dave: No thanksgiving no work what's next no x mas 

Bryan: Chitunga's sleeping with Mike tonight after drinking a growler at Dave's work and ignoring Nikki's long shift, while Cynde and I are going ice skating with Mimi and Butch.

Dave: 😥

Kc: What about me

Bryan: And Casey does cartwheels in an orange sweater

Cynderballz: While drinking whisky

Bryan: (Let me finish)

Kc: Whole bottle 

Bryan: Fa la la la la la la la la

Dave: Weeeeee!

Mike: see nikki no one loves us

Cynderballz: Lol

Mike: but what about Tim

Nikki: I know we only get two days a year on our birthdays 

Bryan: Tunga loves you. That's why he's sleeping with you tonight. Tim will visit Nikki

Nikki: So that leaves nikki and dylan ignored 

Dave: Tim better be there!! Just Nikki

Nikki: Tim is on call 

Bryan: Yeah, Dylan's watching all the dogs

Cynderballz: Omg guys leave some conversation for sat

Dave: Typical Isgar excuse..... working Lol

Nikki: Hey we are poor people we need to make money when we can

Mike: oh I can see this is going to be a happy Christmas with kc in her Orange shirt

Bryan: Nikki has to work Saturday.

Dave: Of course she is an Isgar

Mike: yes and I have to work as well and bring Nikki home

Nikki: The party won't start until we get there 

Bryan: Um, where's mom on all this? Giving Papi another enema?

Nikki: God I hope not

Mike: Tim phone # 315-xxx-xxxx blast his phone haha

Mom: Mom is trying to win a game of Solitaire but your messages keep interrupting my!

Bryan: (And that is the punchline....she wins! End of story)

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