Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve, Year Two Success (Puzzled in America)

Year two.

Last Christmas Eve Eve, Tunga bought a giant roller coster we had to figure out and put together, and this year we opted for a giant puzzle for Chitunga's dorm room. We all collaborated - even Casey - who grew frustrated, but seem to revive at exactly the right time.

After school, after day care, and after Red Robin, we spread out on the kitchen table and, four hours later, completed the puzzle.

OCD? Um, maybe just a little.

I laugh that we all have the same trait - that is: determination, focus, aggravation, and drive.

The puzzle is pretty cool, too. Actually, it was in a box with multiple puzzles and there's many more to be be assembled. Tunga wanted the America one, so we began with that one first. We also have a NYC and an Italy landscape. There's a gift for Nikki, too, if we get to assemble it (it's only 100 pieces, so it might be easier).

Ah, today is Christmas Eve - the big day for the Crandall, Barnwell, Isgar gathering in Cicero. Our burgers were great, Casey's service sucked, and the Barnwell lights are awesome glittering in the tree and upon the house.

I love a good evening of focused time when we can find a result in the hard labor. Success! Year two!

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