Monday, December 19, 2016

A Birthday Note from Joseph Mascolo To My Mom, Sue

Dear Sudy-Rip,

I wrote this note before my death earlier this year and sent it to your son, Bryan, in Stratford, to be delivered to you on your birthday.

I know. I know. Many dedicated viewers probably think I will rise again, like a Phoenix, and return to the show to reek more havoc and to...


finally let Marlena knowit was never her who was the desire of all my malpractices. No, truth be told, I never was romantically interested her Roman-loving, psychiatric ass.

No, Sudy Rip. It was you. It's always been you. And everything I did  (As the sand in the hour glass, so our the Days of our Lives) was intentional to win your awe, your gaze, your undivided attention, and your heart.

And now, looking from above, I can say it remains only you (although I do have a slight crush on Stephanie Caroli, as well, but you know what they say: "too much Italian overcooks the spaghetti," if you know what I mean. Besides, I knew better than to mess with Big Pete. Butch, on the other hand? He was nothing I couldn't handle). No, it's always been were the love of my life.

Oh, Sue. How I hated leaving you before I could confess to the entire NBC network that my nefarious loins always thought of YOU, and ONLY YOU. You were the best lover I have ever had and the one I desired most. My children and grandchildren Andre', Chad, Johny, Steven, Sydney, Theo, and Thomas would have been so much better with you in their lives, but you refused me. And I know, too, that Sami and EJ who almost did me in by draining my Italian assets, would have benefited if only I made the move from Salem to Clay and begged at your feet for you take care of me. I always doubted, though, that you'd take me in.

Yes, Sudy Rip, I will miss you most. I can not forget the time you slapped me across the face after I shot Roman Brady in the Caribbean, even as Bo cradled his brother in his arms. Sure, I kidnapped him for a few years, but you didn't want to forgive me. I'm telling you, Sue, all the choices I made in my life did for you. Dr. Marlena Brady's exorcism, Patch, the whole shebang was in your honor. I swear. It was always the result from my frustration that you denied me.

I do hope that you'll hang a Christmas ornament on your daughter's tree this year in my honor as Alice Horton would have done. I know your family will reconvene in Cicero (and I hope you'll prepare whiskey for the youngest daughter of yours and buy her an orange sweater).

Yes, it's been a long ride since 1965, but you have been loyal since the beginning: the Salem strangler, Bo and Hope's wedding, the weird, short-lived romance of Calliope and Eugene, and  Sammy's strange appearances on America's Biggest Loser. 
Convoluted, yes, but after so many years — and so many deaths, faked, temporary, and real — it was a relief to Days viewers to finally get any explanation for why Stefano DiMera has always been so obsessed with causing pain to the Brady family. Turns out Brady aunt Colleen, sister of patriarch Shawn Sr., had many years ago fallen in love with Stefano’s father Santo, in Ireland, with her younger brother Shawn and Stefano spending time together as pals. But when Colleen, who’d been planning to become a nun, got serious with Santo, Stefano revealed to Shawn that Santo’s wife was still alive — he’d told Colleen she was dead. Colleen, heartbroken, pregnant, and not wanting to bring shame to her family, faked her death so Santo could honor his commitment to his family, but he was so heartbroken over the loss of her that he became a bitter, nasty man who made the rest of Stefano’s childhood a misery. Stefano blamed the Bradys for the whole scenario, and many a nefarious plot was born from his need for retribution. Colleen, played by Partridge Family mom Shirley Jones, revealed to her family in 2008 that she’s given birth to Santo’s son and put him in an orphanage, which led John Black to briefly, mistakenly believe he was Colleen and Santo’s offspring.
Imagine now if America's viewers actually had the opportunity to learn the real behind-the-scenes story of my life for you and how it involves the Ripleys and Crandalls. The real truth is I tried to sweep you off your feet, take you to Indonesia, and propose to you by placing one of my million dollar rings onto one of your spectacular, beautiful toes.

But no. You opted to stay with Butch. "My kids, Stefano," you said. "I can't leave them. I just can't," you said as you pulled away from one of my passionate kisses. You devastated me. You said, "And Stephanie won't leave Pete, either. She's got three kids of her own, and a lot of responsibilities to her students at St. Rose of Lima in North Syracuse."

You made me feel like Hope did when I suspended her above an acid vat. You made my heart ache, like when Bo and Hope's son Zach was run over by a teenager who was texting while driving. You have no idea how much I have cried.

Oh, Sue. You may deny me your heart, but you can't deny me this...
Although I'm not able to be with you, I'm sending you a bag of wise potato chips, some bridge mix, a diet coke, and a huge hug. You may have denied my love, Sue...but be grateful you have so much love from your friends and family.

(note: any incorrect references to Days is the fault of the owner of this Blog and his terrible investigative skills to recall major events on the show)

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  1. Investigative skills. Sounds to me like you have been watching all these years. SO MUCH FUN to read. Happy birthday to your mom.