Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hmmm. The Economics of Packaging via Amazon.

I participated in wrapping last night, and organizing gifts (the few I have). In this endeavor, I also dealt with the tiny light that was ordered to replace the one that went out in my little snowman, lighted tree mechanism. I ordered two, actually, so I'd have a backup when the next bulb blows. The two cost $4.00 together, with $3.00 for shipping and delivery.

I guess that is why I was surprised when a large box was on my porch. "What did I order that was that big?" I thought maybe Tunga had orders coming in and when I reached down to pick up the package, it almost flew to the ceiling. It was ridiculously light and it had my name on it.

The lightbulbs? Couldn't be.

The lightbulbs? It was.

They were wrapped, too, in lots of paper to protect them. I guess it was nice that they shared so much box with me over the holidays. I'm not sure all that was needed, but the bulbs arrived without incident... did a letter from Sabra Hummus, recalling a batch they said I purchased a few weeks ago because it was loaded with listeria. I did have Sabra hummus and ate some for dinner a week ago Thursday, with some Triscuits. The next morning....sick...violently sick. I thought it was exhaustion, but it was Sabra hummus.

I filled out the online survey for poisoned people infected by the product, but they didn't want my containers mailed back to them. I was sad, because I had the big box gifted to me from the lightbulb company. 

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