Sunday, December 18, 2016

And She Was Finally Delivered. Winifred is With Her Dad Now

I've wanted to post about this for weeks, but had to be shy because it was a gift and I didn't want it to leak out. A few weeks ago, I found the Clearance Item of all Clearance Items. It was an antelope skull that was on sale from $490 to $14, and I got it at Pier One. I knew I had to have it because it was the ultimate bargain and, I have to admit that it caught my eye because it was a skull (and ridiculous) and I immediately thought of Patrick Kelly. The fact that it was on mega-sale was a bonus.

So, Winifred was purchased and has been sitting beautifully with my Christmas decorations adoring the center of my dining room table. I finally wrapped her yesterday afternoon, and last evening, she was delivered to Patrick's home.

He loved it. Winifred was immediately moved to the bar and sat on the mantel next to all the bourbons. It was like she was born to be there, and I knew (well, maybe Patrick knew) that there is a Santa Clause after all.

Of course, Pam screamed, "That thing is not staying in my house," but I think her beauty in person one her over. The shimmer of her cheekbones, the depth of those eye sockets, the Georgia O'Keefe nature of the snout, and those horns...those long, luxurious, reaching-to-the-stars horns.

I am a frugal man, and I do believe that I scored the Taj Mahal with this purchase. I thought my Crandall chair was a find, but Winifred. Ah, man, Winifred. I will be passionately celebrating her forever.

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