Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Perhaps I'm Not As Funny As I Think I Am, But I Try

My good friends at the National Writing Project sent out a beautiful holiday greeting yesterday with a wonderful note of inspiration and good cheer. I love my NWP people and they keep me the most centered and sane of any professional group that I work with.

It takes a NWP person to understand the power and necessity of National Writing Project work. We aren't like other educators and so much of our work is in the service of K-16 educators in support of their leadership.

As their card came in, I couldn't help but reply with a great quote, Everlasting your light will shine when everything else fades. Yes, it sounds like Yoda wrote it, but then I found the other quote by Jack Doom (1966), "Creativity is 80% Bourbon and 20% ice." It cracked me up.

I was given a bottle of Woodford Reserves for the holidays, but I haven't found the time to open it. I was also given a bottle of Knob's Creek, which is still in the wrapper. I have come to bourbon drinking late in life, but I definitely have acquired a taste for it.

I will save these gifts, as I'm too tired and sick to actual imbue in such festivity...yet. I wanted to post today about a happy dance that my grading is finally done, but I have four more to go (and this assumes that the student work will arrive...for whatever reason, it hasn't come in and I haven't heard from them). All else was finished at 11 o'clock last night.

I am being honest when I say I am absolutely, with 110% of my being, fried this semester. I've always been able to handle a lot and have proven myself in extreme circumstances. This year, however, it simply is too much and I know my limits.

But, as evident of my card above, I still have my sense of humor and that matters most.

Someone told me Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Funny, I feel like I'm the one getting fat with all this writing and grading. Am I a goose?

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