Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Time May Be Here For Better Sleeping

Although it isn't always ideal to be away from home, I do cherish the comfort of hotel beds, especially their pillows. I had incredible sleep while in Atlanta and Nashville, even though the pace had me running from location to location to location. As predicted, I woke up yesterday morning knowing I'd get sick.

My diagnosis: exhaustion.

I got up at 7 to kick start my day, but I couldn't eat and the coffee didn't taste right. Everything felt off and when I sat behind my computer, I couldn't think. My head started to pound and I my sinuses flared up. I felt queazy, and gave in. I moved into the guest room because the dark curtains block out all the sun and I turned in the ceiling fan. The next thing I knew, it was noon and I slept off whatever it was that had me feeling yucky. I don't get sick often, but I know myself enough to know that the body, when given a chance, will simply say, "Crandall. Give yourself permission to rest."

And I did, but guilt soon kicked in and I went into the office to prep for next week and to resolve items from the one that just passed.

I began thinking of Alice and Charlie who, approaching 50, invested in a wonderful mattress and pillows stating, "We spend 50% of our life lying in beds, so we might as well treat ourselves with the best."

I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I age. Maybe a time is coming (approaching 50 and all) where I should do the same...especially the thick, plump, easy to cuddle and rest-upon pillows that one finds in hotels. Then again, I'm cheap and this is unlikely (even as I peruse the collection of terrible pillows in my house - well, I have a few good ones).

But I am thinking about sleep (and rest). It is so important and we all could use more of it. Here's hoping my Saturday will be more productive.

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