Friday, December 9, 2016

It Spins and Spins and Spins, Until It Doesn't. That's Life

I met with my undergraduates for the last time to bring closure to the semester, to learn enthusiastically from a candidate applying to be chair of my department, and to reflect proactively on what was accomplished this semester. I usually begin class with a metaphorical toy, but last night, I ended with one.

I wrapped up conversations on Ubuntu, and stated that the truth is that, philosophically, we'll spin and spin and spin throughout our lives trying to find meaning to what all this work is really for. Then one day the top will simply stop spinning.

That's it.

I was very impressed when one of my students asked the candidate, "When is a time that your philosophy in education failed you?" He answered beautifully and said, "Perhaps it's supposed to fail us and always has." He moved into a conversation of the roots of sophists and being filial, and then reached at the quest of wisdom, and how it comes when we realize knowing is always flawed. There aren't answers, as much as their are questions.

I did my end-of-the-semester ROAD ACTIVITY that Mr. Mouton (RIP) did with my speech class in high school. It does what it does every time and, inevitably, students contact me after class to state, "That was one of the most amazing activities I've ever done." Stealing like an Artist (a teacher artist). It's not's only something I recall from a high school experience right before graduation.

Then came home to watch football with Chitunga and have another of those conversations I'm likely to remember for the rest of my life. These days are growing shorter...

...spinning and spinning and spinning...

...and I know I'll miss him immensely when he leaves next semester for college (the envy I have for CNY is immense, with everyone there but me). All is good, though. This is what it's all about.

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