Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's Been a Year, 2016...But So Long. I'm Ready for 2017

It's the last day of the year, and in the tradition of blogging since 2008, I'm getting ready to move to a new theme (oh, Crazy Crandall). It took me a while to get the montage uploaded, although I used my L O N G day at the Subaru dealership wisely to put together the year in review.

In summary, I can say that 2016 was captivating (as the video above highlights). Most memorable from the last 365 days have been,
  • traveling to Texas for the New Pathways work with the National Writing Project,
  • several more rounds of Writing Our Lives conferences,
  • visiting the City of Louisville with Chitunga,
  • receiving the 2016 Martin Luther King Faculty Award,
  • receiving the 2016 Fairfield University President's Vision Award for Service and Community Engagement,
  • hosting Easter AND Thanksgiving at my house,
  • another round of Young Adult Literacy Labs, including Ubuntu Academy,
  • the collaborative work with Rick Shaefer and the Fairfield University Art Museum,
  • time spent with family and friends,
  • presenting at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting, National Council of Teachers of English, and Literacy Research Association,
  • seeing more of my thinking, engagement, research, and practice in publication,
  • settling down a bit more on Mt. Pleasant, and
  • wearing down a few more pairs of sneakers.
I'm unsure what 2017 has in store for me (or for any of us, for that matter), but am looking forward to more of the adventure. This has definitely been a year of UBUNTU, and since adopting the philosophy, I can honestly say the world has captivated me a little more. 

Here's to the days that just were, and the many more still to come. I wish you the greatest New Year's ever and hope to start capturing my thoughts for the 10th year (wow, ten years of maintaining a blog...unbelievable). But for now, we're moving ahead in all the craziness.

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