Friday, December 2, 2016

And a 6V 6W Halogen Light is What It's All About

Chances are, my mother is the only one who will read this post and enjoy it in its entirety. She gets it. She will understand. She will feel me and she will wait in anticipation that everything is okay. I can count on her. That's what moms are for.

I had a plan for my Thursday evening. Come home, eat, clean, then collapse. I put on all the holiday lights when I realized that my Snowman...the one with a tree coming out of his head that dangles all those tiny ornaments and radiates the colorful lights, blew its bulb.

Noooooooooooooo! I can't have December without that Snowman. For ten years in KY, it was my Christmas tree - the only decoration I had.

I took the guy apart immediately, and found the bulb I need. I know that it is unlikely to find at a Home Depot or a Lowes (because I had to replace my mother's Snowman bulb a few years ago), so I went online and found a website that specializes in such bulbs. I learned from ordering that there's a 140% markup on these bulbs in stores. I ordered two and eat some of the cost with shipping and handling.

But I'm okay, because I hope my Snowman will be working by next week. The entire house is lit and I find great comfort in sitting in my chair and having my glowing Snowman tree beside me. Yesterday, he no longer lit up and I was devastated. Of course, then the IPad went. But that was an update issue and three hours later I got it fixed. So, I didn't vegetate like I anticipated I would - rather, I grew frustrated, watched football, and sulked.


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