Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Down For the Count..Video Post With Little Note From Me

I imagine I've posted this in the past.

It was my favorite Christmas movie as a kid and I am calling on it now to bring harmony, peace, joy, and hope to the world as I know it. I simply want to be able to breathe again and to feel semi-healthy. After a 12 hour sleep, I completed a 14-hour day successfully, only to return to feel 100 times worse. I need to kick whatever this is out of me, because I'm physically and mentally spent.

Meanwhile, I am thinking about Emmet Otter and his mother who learned that harmony and togetherness (Ubuntu) are the way to get by in the world, not selfishness and divisiveness. We make music together, not when we're apart, and even if we like to be the solo artist, it takes the whole orchestra to offer the melody.

I am thinking about this as I blow my nose and put an icepack on my head and a hot washcloth on my neck. What a mess.

Lord, I hate snot.

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