Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Only Tim Howard We Saw Was on the Big Screen Through the Rain. Always Fun To Be At Yankee Stadium, Though

 We ventured into Harlem and then northern Manhattan to catch a New York City Football Club playing Colorado at Yankee Stadiums. The real reason, however, was to see Tim Howard play and, because he went to high school with a friend, we hoped to get a chance to meet him in person. Sadly, that didn't transpire, because a 5-1 score usually doesn't make a goalie happy, and the crowd was really razzing the Olympian hard.

Okay, I admit it, too. "Um, maybe we should get the cab after the game. It doesn't seem he is having a good day catching anything."

There were other jokes, of course.

The real trouble was that the rain that was supposed to come in the morning hovered until late afternoon and most of the game was spent sitting in the rain. It was damp. "We're all going to catch a cold from this rain." Everyone but Tim Howard. Ba dum dum cha.

Seriously, though. I remember how influential he was for the U.S. soccer team when he was almost invincible and there were memes galore on all that he was able to stop from getting to its destination (including pineapples to Pam). It just wasn't his day.

Still, the NYC fans were fun and there was a slight hint of Europe in their festivity and songs. It made me think that the game is actually catching on and it might become an American staple (which it should be).

I'm happy we went and enjoyed the $11 Philly Sub...the $11 beer was a total rip off, though. Great day with the three amigos on the train and in the stadium. If I could, I'd do it all again.

Now it needs to stop raining.

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