Monday, August 1, 2016

It's Monday, My Friend is Visiting from Syracuse, And We are Celebrating Our Final Week of CWP Festivities

Every once in a while you just need to get away, and I'm thankful to have a home chosen for Rhiannon to get away, too. We met at Syracuse in 2007 and had an instant bond. Since then, it's been walks and talks, teacher conversations, writing, professional dialogue, and a love for basketball, running, and working with kids.

After a morning of doing the lawn, the boys headed up to Pam's so I could get the guest bedroom ready. Found a good priced blow-up Mattress for Abu (even got a gift card with purchase) and set it up in my room.

Cleaned. Prepped for the week (only 45 kids this time around and the last week for teachers - sigh).

So happy to have Rhiannon here, though, so she can share her ten-minute playwriting work with our labs and assist some with Sports Writing and College Essay. More importantly, though, it's just nice to have the additional CNY friendship to laugh at the boys with.

Short post for this Monday morning, but there's a lot to get done quickly. 

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