Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July! That Means 24 Hours Before the @CWPFairfield Summer Leadership Institute Kicks Off

 I traveled up to Shelton for a pre-fireworks barbecue and a wonderful skyline to welcome the Derby vs. Shelton fireworks' war. Each year, the two towns shoot off their wares from either side of the river and I have to admit, it was festive - not Thunder Over Louisville festive, but memorable none-the-less. They had a lot of unique features and the live orchestra helped rev up the crowd. The people watching was also fantastic, and I pulled out my voice-activated fluorescent green glasses just to show up all the kids and their glow sticks. I loved the bonanza that existed when they played the theme music to Star Wars.

Of course, the entire time I was thinking of Glamis at home who was on her own for the booming of neighborhood parties throwing off their own lights and M80s. Poor thing likes to huddle under my feet when she hears the bangs, but last night she was on her own.

Maybe I am a little apprehensive, but I was on extra guard trying to pay attention to the crowds around me. My active imagination began thinking, "What if this was the next location for an idiotic attack of some nutcase?" I hate to be so worrisome, but I think this way to be prepared. Every second of the evening, I had my alerts out to what I might do if something whacky was about to go down. I guess this is the reality of America in the 21st century. It made me start thinking creatively about a time when the U.S. might stop fireworks to celebrate its independence, because the nation became too paranoid about the possibility of violence.

I remember the first time Lost Boys of Sudan heard fireworks upon their arrival in the U.S. and they hid in closets and under their beds. For them, "bombs bursting in air" were the real thing. In our nation, we celebrate the noise with colors and ideologies. I began to wonder, "What would happen if such democratic ideals were squashed by the ridiculousness of those who hate the freedom we represent to the rest of the world?"

I don't write Sci-Fi, but I couldn't help but think of apocalyptic tales of a future where liberties and rights were a thing of the past - this is the way future predictions are always depicted.

I did enjoy the holiday, although my mind was on fast forward thinking about the possibilities of how everything could be different. The theme amongst the crowd yesterday (overheard conversations) was how nobody wants to vote for any of the candidates running for President this year. Civilians are perplexed (and they should be).

Ah, but God Bless America! There's only been one civilization in the world like it, and it is a social experiment like no other. We need a United Nations of the World. An alien invasion can't come soon enough --- that's the only was I see human beings getting on the same page with one another. We need a common enemy so we stop making enemies out of one another.

And the kids loved every second. The same awe. The same loudness. The same cheers. The same happiness. And the same exhaustion as it all ended.

But, we are a nation made up of hard work, and my hard work begins tomorrow. Time to make the donuts and get my focus back on.

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