Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Friday, Welcoming Saturday, and Heading to New York City (Yankees Stadium) for Soccer

We all were feeling Friday yesterday, and as I organized for the weekend (before a birthday party Friday night), Abu says, come look at Lossine. He was asleep by the fire pit and Glamis was protecting him on the side.

It was a yawn festival from 3 pm to 1 a.m, when we finally retired.

The kids, the long days, the workload, has fried us all.

Today, however, we have purchased tickets for NYFC (New York City Football Club) to see professional U.S. soccer being played in NYC. We think our tickets are pretty good, and will only find out when we see where we are in the stadium.

Also learned tonight that Tunga and I were given 4 tickets to a pre-season Patriots game against New Orleans. It's a Thursday night, but it looks like we're going.

Note: I type that while yawning, too.

One more week ahead for CWP and a weekend of game play and tomfoolery. I am looking forward to the adventure (and hope the game is awesome)

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