Friday, July 22, 2016

Year Four (And Proud)...Celebrating Young Writers Through the Newtown Poetry Project. An Investment in Families and Words

There Are Words on This Page and It Is Foggy officially launched last night in Newtown, Connecticut. For the last four years, CWP-Fairfield has been able to provide funding to the Newtown Poetry Project through generous support of the Connecticut Department of Education. It was several years ago that Carol Ann Davies knew she wanted to do something for the community where she lives and I said I'd offer whatever I could to make it happen.

Fast forward, and every year at this time, amidst summer work with CWP-Fairifeld, Carol Ann rejuvenates my soul by asking me to come to their poetry treading and celebration of young writers - a project spurred by the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. The project allows families to get together to write in celebration of life, poetry, and the town of Newtown.

Abu, Lossine, and I drove to the celebration (long, winding, country roads) and listened to several elementary school students read their poetry under the July sun, within the summer breeze, and amongst the wonderful support of parents and friends.

I often tell people that The Newtown Poetry project is the best work I support because I trust its excellence and know with all my might that it brings kids, parents and families together.

And, yes, it is Friday and I'm ready to wave my white flag for the week, but I have more strength because of this annual celebration. Here's to all involved and let many more years of Newtown poets find each other in prose.

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