Saturday, July 9, 2016

They Are Connecticut Bound. Wishing @AbuBility @LBility Safe Travels From Syracuse As They Embark Towards Mount Pleasant

Summer is not complete without a visit from Abu and Lossine, and for the 2nd summer in a row I am honored to hire them to assist with young writers and teachers participating in CWP-Fairfield programs. First up, Little Lab for Big Imaginations and a unique soccer writing program with Bridgeport Public Schools.

This time, I didn't have to retrieve them nor did they have to take Amtrak to find their ways into Connecticut. Rather, they are driving their own vehicle purchased from the hard work of last summer. I am sending good vibes and possible spirits their way to be sure they make it here without incident.

The quiet nature of my home cannot wait for the interruption and I'm sure Glamis and her toys (not to mention her licking tongue) will be delighted to have more people to bother in our home. The new grill is purchased, the beach has been more than ready, and after I do a little shopping, the cabinets and refrigerator will be filled with plenty to eat.

On another note, Mae (Patrick's dog) has been missing for over 24 hours and I'm praying to the Great Whatever that she is found soon or returns to the Monroe home that loves her tremendously. There's nothing more frustrating and scary than not knowing where a creature friend has disappeared would be great to know that she finds the Bility-mobilie as they drive south from Newtown through Monroe, over a corner of Trumbull, into Stratford.

I'm getting to experience what my parents have felt in anticipation of all my trips home from Kentucky and Connecticut. If they read this while they're on the road, I am saying, "Take it easy, be safe, enjoy the scenery, and arrive ready for the work and joy to come."

Happy Saturday. These days are really flying by quickly.

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