Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Whiteboard Lists Are Totally Underrated. With a Full House, Such Lists Keep a Human Sane.

Tunga is the brilliant man who bought a whiteboard for the fridge to keep up with his obsession for organizing and keeping on track of life. I only use it occasionally, but with so much going on this summer, I've decided I need to try the genre as a way to remember what we need: sugar, coffee cream, dog biscuits, furniture spray (crap, I forgot the furniture spray).

I also made a list of what we still needed to accomplish yesterday and it helped me to know where to go first, what to still purchase, and what lies ahead.

Looking at it at the grocery store, I had to laugh, because I realized I also used it to teach Abu and Lossine to play Pitch. They are from Syracuse after all, and anyone from Central New York needs to know the card game of the region.

They taught me AK47 and I learned them some high, low, Jack, game...although I don't think they quite got the hang of it just yet.

I realized, too, I need to have my lists for CWP-Fairfield work and Julie and I filled one yesterday afternoon to get ready for today when the teachers return from their four-day personal narrative-writing weekend. I am now thinking I want to buy whiteboard paint from the cabinet to the side of the kitchen so I have more space to keep track of short term and long term goals. I'm sold.

Chitunga is smart and I'm appreciative of his wisdom.

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