Monday, July 25, 2016

Not Charlie's Angels, But Super Hot Connecticans Without a Pool. Bring on Water Guns

It is Monday, isn't it? That was fast.


Either way, we had a temporary respite from the ridiculous head when we ambushed Patrick with out six water guns we brought to Monroe. Of course, we armed him, too, and then the fight was one.

But short lived. They didn't hold much water and then we were hot again.

That is July, and July is a month of Big Brother, and Big Brother can be viewed indoors with the air conditioner on.

Sundays, too, are for stocking up food for the kids for the week, and laying out presentations for teachers and labs. Everything is as aligned as it can be.

So, I hold my breath that I have enough energy to sustain me for the next 16 days. AND I am sick of stocking up at the grocery store just to see it disappear as quick as it does. Feels like we are always running out of something (but I'd have it no other way...too much fun each and every day in our absolute celebration of life).

The tradition continues.

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