Saturday, July 2, 2016

Toto, I Believe We Are Still in Connecticut. Kansas? What is Kansas? Meteorologists are Clowns.

Note: There was nothing like this in Connecticut
The first notification about inclement weather came when Kaitlyn said the Shelton Fireworks Extravaganza party was cancelled. I then read that most fireworks scheduled for Friday night were canceled because storms were coming through.

The air was rather murky all day, and I kept waiting for the storms to burst at any moment. They didn't hit, however, when I left campus at 3 and definitely weren't in the air when I walked Glamis at 4 and went to Targets with Chitunga to get items for his Maryland trip at 5. I pulled apart my grill (a last attempt at trying to replace parts before having to buy another one) and then it started to sprinkle. They said the storms were coming at 6.

I lived in Kentucky. I love a good storm and with Alice as a best friend, I grew accustom to learning everything I could about tornadoes and the violence of Mother Nature. We had a warning. I kept looking up to the sky.

Tunga left with Roy, and I paced my night to be indoors with leftovers and writing projects. At 6:30 it rained a little, and then the sun came out.

I checked radar. The storms split and avoided Stratford. I thought, "Where am I? Syracuse?" They seems to be missing CNY, too.

Bummer. I was ready for a night in the basement - or maybe I am nostalgic for Louisville. Nope. It rained heavy for 10 minutes and then left.

I pretended, however, that it was barbaric outside so I could force myself indoors to accomplish what I set out to do. After a mild winter, I was hoping for some Weather Channel turbulence last night. I guess we are lucky, but when the weather continues to be non-stop beautiful it is difficult to get the intellectual projects done.

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