Monday, July 18, 2016

Last Barbecue of the Weekend, Spur of the Moment, and Now It is Time to Begin a Marathon Week. At Least We Ate Well.

Brain Trust right here: Soon to be college-transfer, two college grads and
two Ph.D students. Glamis isn't that smart, but she means well.
Maybe cooking is nervous energy, because I was rather good at it this weekend. As Abu said, "You can't keep this pace up - there's no way you can keep hosting people at your house every night."

It's not that bad. I've discovered frugal shopping at BJs and most of the year there's just two of us and a dog, so hosting a lot is sort of fun. Plus, Abu wanted to try his hands at a potato recipe and Lossine does a decent job with the grill. It's easy to send Tunga to the store to get whatever we forgot.

I was rather anti-social, however, as the clock grew closer to 8 pm because I wanted to watch Big Brother and knew the dishes would get in the way. So, I ducked inside early and pretended I was working at a restaurant waiting tables. Secretly, I had Big Brother playing on my IPad in the kitchen, so I was multi-tasking as they moved from the porch tables to a few games of corn hole.

What's up this week? 22 Big Imaginations, 39 young novelists, 30 relocated and immigrant youth, and a continuation with 15 teachers. Chris Crutcher is Skyping in, Jack Powers is doing his poetry workshop, we're partnering with graduate students in a diversity of families course, and there's the Newtown Poetry Project on Thursday night.

Like I said...I think I'm cooking because it keeps me in a solid motion of moving forward and not stopping until I go to sleep. Yesterday, we ran multiple errands to prepare for the week and I got a lot of writing done in the morning (even a 4 mile run in the heat).

Maybe Monday is a break from the weekend pace!

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