Thursday, July 28, 2016

Two Poems For a Thursday Morning. These Are From Yesterday (A.M. Organizers To Bring Everything Together)

There's four labs and one teacher institute occurring at the same time, and I struggle with how to be supportive and active in them all throughout the day. One of my habits have been to doodle poems and/or drawings on whiteboards to simply say, "Yo! the Director is thinking of you, but I'm not here at this moment because I'm working in one of the other rooms." Phew. July makes September - May seem like a vacation. And breathe. I still have my wit and humor. Here's to the week thus far.

For the Teachers
And then there are those days (confused)
where I strut in my haze (amused)
meandering where I've been (infused)
wondering where I'm going (recluse)
     along a rhythmic path.

Spastic energy, manic mental wrath,
it's nice to take a moment just to gasp
at what it's supposed to mean...
me, galavanting, with you along this
intellectual stream...
(any of you here just about to scream
on a Wednesday morning in July?) Bry

For the Youth of Ubuntu Academy
Good Morning, Ubuntu,
Hope you're staying true
and doing you,
enjoying yourself at Fairfield U.,
writing your world one page at a time,
reading Kwame, Booked in his rhyme,
(3 days left, oh what a crime)
filling your notebooks alive in your prime,
birds of a feather,
we have each other,
no matter
what the mad hatter throws our way.
This is all written just to say,
I wish you another spectacular day.

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