Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Monday With Thunderstorms Equals The Diane Warwick Song - That's What Friends Are For

We drove home just when the first thunderstorm hit. As soon as we hit the house, running in from the rain, we got a text from Pam saying that Mae had used her teeth to open the window of their house in Monroe, only to escape the thunderstorm and run away once again (the third time in July). Abu said, "Let's bring them another dog and tell them her name is June."

Seriously, we drove around Monroe for three hours trying to find Mae, and even walked along the nature path (Lossine pictured to the right) and we couldn't find her. We had leads that she was by the government building and headed that way, but didn't find her. Lossine yelled, "Mae, Mae, out the window. We are Africans looking for a dog. Have you seen her?" but none of the local residents clued us in.

Then, while Lossine and I were miles from the house, Abu called to say, "Yo! The dog just ran up to him in Pam's yard." She returned on her own.

Dogs run away. It is their nature to flee whenever they get a chance and they absolutely hate loud noises from thunderstorms and fireworks - Mae, especially. I feel thankful that their dog came home just as the second thunderstorm came in. If she was five minutes later, she would have been petrified by the lightening and thunder. It was rather intense.

But all can be exhaled. She came home on her own accord and Lord knows what her story really was or where she was. I'm just thankful she came when she did, because Patrick was in Brooklyn, and I can only imagine the night Pam would have if his dog decided to pull another 48-hour adventure.

It's Tuesday, now. We can use a little more serenity with the week, but this one started with a bang. I'm looking forward to the teacher return today and our workshop on political writing. And then there is that thing called sleep. I can't wait for that, too.

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