Friday, July 1, 2016

It Really Is The Small Things In Life That Make Us Happiest. @LBility @AbuBility

I was post dinner, mid-Big Brother catch-up, and pre-run/gym when my phone rang. I saw it was Casey and when I picked up, it was Jacob and Shaun. They had a surprise for me. That's when Abu and Lossine jumped into the screen, because they made a trip to Manlius to visit my sister, Dave, and the boys. They came over to play soccer and seeing them there simply made me happy.

Next weekend, they will travel to Connecticut for the 3rd year of Ubuntu Academy and it occurred to me while we all talked that Casey was actually pregnant with Jacob when I first met the twins at Nottingham High School. It seems crazy to think that Abu and Lossine have been in my life just a little longer than Casey's youngest. I was telling them that I remember babysitting for Shaun at the time when Casey went into labor and Dave came home to say, "You sister gave birth to a boxer or a pug-dog. We're not sure which." Jacob was born looking like a bruiser, and his tiny nose was squished right up on his face and he was a peanut. Then I remembered it was Abu and Lossine who taught Jacob how to walk.

It is crazy for me to think that Jacob has always known a world where Abu and Lossine came for the holidays and that his short time on earth has always been with their individualities in their life. I'm the bad kind of Uncle (ask my sister Cynde) who always encourages impish behavior and humor. I know it is wrong, but there's something I've always enjoyed about being the brother to my sisters - a sibling responsibility that I take very seriously.

Yet, seriously, I love knowing that Chitunga, Abu, and Lossine love my nephews and my nephews love them. It is a complicated world and life is never easy for any of us. In the grand scheme of things, though, are the immeasurable actions that come along with day-to-day life. Actions always speak louder than words, and when I reflect on what my world has been since the time I was born and the moments when I've been happiest, it's been when I've witnessed another generation connecting with one one another. It reminds me of the excitement Casey, Cynde, and I had when our Aunts and Uncles came to visit, we were able to see our cousins, and the rare occasions allowed us to check in with who we were, who we were becoming, and who we wanted to be.

The magical thing about life is that the true beauty of it all comes in the later years when all the family narratives intertwine as they do in strange, miraculous and beautiful ways. My heart was fulfilled last night when the twins pleasantly surprised me with their visit of Casey's family.

I suppose we all wander and wonder about what any of this is supposed to mean, but when chances like this appear at random, the meaning becomes that much more obvious. I am going into my 4th of July a little more optimistic and hopeful than the work weeks seemed to reveal life to be.

Be safe. Love. Have a good time. And hope for the best. Wow! It's July, 2016, already.

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