Thursday, July 14, 2016

And @LBility Calls ME Clown-dall. Hmmm, Either I Rubbed Off on Him or He Rubbed Off On Me. This Fool in My Office

Caryn and I said it last year - the twins make our summer programs extra special. This week, however, Lossine has been on loan to Bridgeport Public Schools running a Literacy4Life workshop with middle school writers and soccer players. I came to my office yesterday and when I opened the door, this is what I saw sitting in my chair. The imp was dressed up and saying, "Look who's Dr. Clown-dall now!"

A second round of Crandall special was made to serve with chicken and pasta and we finally brought the volleyball out last night (after some fierce rounds of Corn Hole). I may have hooked Lossine into watching Big Brother with me, too (which will make Casey, mom, and Dave really happy).

Seriously, though - the personalities of Abu and Lossine mesh beautiful with the ongoing work with teachers and kids attending CWP-Fairfield programs (as I've said for a while now, both of them should have become educators, too). They network beautifully with faculty who are around on campus and weave seamlessly into classrooms where they are of assistance and expertise.

Next week, Ubuntu Academy begins and they will spearhead another year for relocated and immigrant youth attending Bridgeport Public Schools (this time up, Kwame Alexander's Booked).

Just when I think I'm exhausted and I head upstairs for a nap, I hear the laughter of fools downstairs and instantly I'm drawn back to the tomfoolery. It's too much fun for sleep.

Time to head into work. Happy Thursday.

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