Saturday, July 16, 2016

Glam Chop Summarizes The Week of @CWP-Fairfield Week 2, Congrats to the First Lab Of Little Writers With Big Imaginations

This photo of the dog could easily be a simulation of me on a Friday night after all the meals, all the days, all the teaching, all the celebrating, all the laughter, and all the game-play of the Invitational Leadership Institute and Young Adult Literacy Labs.

Next up, a full week with almost 100 youth in the Novel Writing Lab, Ubuntu Academy, and the 2nd round of Little Lab for Big Imaginations. It will also be the third week of teachers and a week of transitioning to real world writing and transitive pieces - writing to make a difference.

But last night, we entertained friends from Fairfield University with a shrimp, chicken, Crandall special festival which turned into a night of playing old school card games like Spoons, Bull Sh*t, and Speed. I forgot how much fun it is to sit around throwing cards at one another.

Dr. Ryan Colwell did a phenomenal job with the youngest writers (as expected) and their selfie poems, two-voice poems, and fractured fairy tales were a tremendous hits for all the families who attended.

Ah, but today is Saturday, isn't it? I think I need to spend it sorting through all the emails and additional materials needing to be purchases. I am hoping for mindlessness, though. At least one of these days over the weekend (even with the extreme heat).

Let there be rest.

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