Sunday, July 24, 2016

Liberian + Vegetarian vs. Swine Eater + Carnivore Baked Beans, A First. Thanks Birthday Bev!

Yesterday was my friend Beverly's birthday and her husband, Leo, invited us over to their backyard to celebrate with them (just be sure you bring enough chairs for Abu, Lossine, and Chitunga) (Oh, and we're assigning you baked beans.

I've never made baked beans before, but I studied several online recipes and came up with two I could work with, while adding some of Wegman's Asian BBQ sauce, my go-to secret for everything. As they baked in the oven for 45 minutes, I baked in the 98 degree sun on a run throughout Stratford. I came home just when the buzzer went off, showered, than headed out with the chairs, the American attire, and the beans.

That was at 2. I then played volleyball until 8, with occasional jumps in the pool (which was reading 92). Hot.

Then I heard compliments on my beans. There was one set for the vegetarians, and another set for the meat eaters. Both were complimented with requests for the recipe, but the secret is the Wegman's BBQ sauce.

I also picked up a bottle of Bacardi Mango Rum for Bev and read a recipe online for it, crushed oranges and cherries, Paul Newman's Mango Tango juice, and it was a party.

I sweat any liquid I possibly consumed because I didn't leave the court much (with apologies to Bev and her relatives who kept wondering when I was going to visit). I needed a day of game-play...anything that is less cerebral from the rest of the week.

And today is Sunday...the day of rest, although I think we were invited for beef brisket at Pam's (where the dog can go and get some doggie time on). It was a fantastic day, despite the ridiculous heat and, to be honest, these are the days I live for. All work and no play makes Bryan a dull boy.
Definitely played a lot yesterday at the net.

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