Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We Must Be Approaching April Because The Pollen Has Given Birth To The Mucus Monsters Once Again

I knew on Saturday when I ran that the Mucinex monsters were regrouping from the pollen that caked itself into my nostrils. I sneezed a few times and they didn't depart. Rather, they did their jello-magic and created a drip that scratched my throat and eventually settled into my chest.

When I ran on Sunday, I realized they already build a cactus within my chest and that by Monday, I would have an irritable cough.

Man, I hate them. They exhaust me. They make thinking, being, doing, writing, reading, and moving forward practically impossible.

Yet, onward I must go, irritable or not. Orange juice, Thera-Flu, and ginger ale are my friends. I walked Glamis and felt okay, but as soon as I sat down, the nasal faucet began. Allergies. Allergies. Allergies.

At least it's not the Ohio Valley crud that plagued my Kentucky days. Nope, this is much less sinus pressure and 100 times more a liquid sprinkler system. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot.

UCONN Women's team, hot hot hot.

And me hoping I can stay on top of the boogers until I can properly rest this weekend. It's a ritual I'm accustomed to, but it is never an easy voyage. Rest is the answer. Sleep. More and more fluids.

Mr. Mucus, I know you and you will not win.

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