Thursday, March 24, 2016

My House Smells Like PineSol, The Dust is Swiped, The Fridge is Stocked, and I Want To Go Back To Bed

I did as I said. I came home, dug into cleaning mode, went to the grocery store, and didn't finish. I figured I'd get up today and go back to work. It's a big house and Glamis sheds a lot. Plus, I got into cooking mode and pulled summer goods out of the shed because it was so nice.

But the first floor is tidied. I drank a few beers in the process and played music really loud. Poor dog. She hates the commotion and hid upstairs. She likes the entire house to be her furry nest.

I've been in work zone for so long that I felt a little guilty actually taking care of the home front. The one funny thing is when I went into Chitunga's room to get it ready for guests and I found it completely spotless. Figures. I can scratch that off the list.

Actually, I'm also looking forward to Cynde coming. She likes to rearrange and do positioning of my crap. I can use that (and should bring her to my office, which is worse than my house)

So, agenda: clean more, laundry, grade, read for next week, attend candidate interview, then see the third annual Playwright Festival at Central High School - a tradition brought to Connecticut from Kentucky. Then, I await.

It won't be chaotic. It will be fun! Promise!

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